Noé Soulier Les Vagues


In Performing Art (2017), Noé Soulier, investigated the links between utilitarian action and construction of an exhibition space. In From Within, he returns to an interpretation of the gesture from the inside, from within, and offers us a memory and perception-based labyrinth made up of suspended movements, shaped by the rhythm of different percussions.

After Removing and Faits et gestes, Noé Soulier delves deeper into the reflexive approach to gesture which constitutes the basis of his choreographic research. Each of his pieces can thus be simultaneously perceived as a work of analysis and composition: analysis of what a gesture is, and of what it produces - how it works, how it can be pieced together, and how it can be interrupted, leaving its sense or destination hovering in the air. Added to this is the observation of the different functions that can be attributed to it, depending on whether we start out from a utilitarian, metaphorical or abstract viewpoint. And composition, in the same gesture, from a new syntax, which is conscious of its presuppositions and its effects. For the purposes of this creation, it is from within the movement itself and the process of bringing it into relation with other strata of symbols that sense or meaning is built up. Drawing upon the combinatory interplay between predefined rules and the freedom for sequences to construct themselves, Noé Soulier decomposes and recomposes a constantly mutating gesture-based puzzle. He also adds another piece to the puzzle. In collaboration with the percussionists Tom De Cock and Gerrit Nulens from the Ictus ensemble, the choreographer composes rhythm as if it was movement that was being composed. The percussive elements add commas, full-stops, and emphasise or suspend a sequence, restarting an action. On the frontier between ultra-precise writing and improvisation, From Within creates a memory-based zone full of blank spaces, hollows, in which reminiscences and sensations are projected.
Estimated running time: 1h