Jérôme Bel Rétrospective


In this new creation, a film in the form of an overview or compilation, Jérôme Bel pursues his explorations into the political dimension of dance. By confronting archives from the past with live performance in the present, it enables us to contemplate thought in the making

Rather than seeking to create something new, Jérôme Bel casts, for this his twentieth piece, a subjective glance over his preceding works via a twofold gesture of compilation and mapping of filmed images. Going back through his video archives, he extracts eighteen dances from his from his most significant shows and puts them together in such a way as to reconstruct the development of his thinking about dance. The result is a 75 minute-long video projected on a screen, without any living presence. By giving us a cross-section of his body of work, Rétrospective brings out its central preoccupations – the body, language, culture, power, vulnerability – by focussing on the question of the inextricable link between dance and political.
N.B. For ecological reasons, R.B. Jérôme Bel company doesn't travel by plane anymore. The video medium of "Retrospective" allows nevertheless its international tour.
Running time : 1h20
Warning : this film contains several scenes involving nudity.