Émilie Rousset Playlist Politique


How does music connect to History? Over time, how exactly does it channel the memory of salient events? How do politicians use music to stage their entrances, their speeches? How can music make us submit to authority? 

In 2020, Émilie Rousset received a commission to create a work based on a hymn. In the middle of the Covid pandemic this choice offered the potential for coming together using the power of music. Émilie decided she would use Beethoven’s famous Ode to Joy. As director/creator, she began her research, veering between hope and disillusion, attempting to understand the connections between music and politics. She amassed a series of media images, specialist interviews, and even bits of her own life – and her playful approach to these archives led her to create a unique, off the wall theatre work. With the support of the actors Anne Steffens and Manuel Vallade, Political Playlist shows us a journey through time which explores the offstage shenanigans of History, confronting and challenging our ideals.