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The Festival d’Automne à Paris documents, safeguards and provides online access to its archives thanks to support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication as part of the national program of digitization, Ville de Paris and Région Ile-de-France.

The database the Festival has created brings together information from all Festivals after 1972. It has been added to by iconographic and textual documents, as well as videos, all of which have been specially converted to digital format.

The role of the Institut national de l’audiovisuel (Ina) is to safeguard and promote France’s audiovisual heritage. Today, Ina is the world’s foremost audiovisual centre for the digital archiving and promotion of resources. It has become a point of reference for technological innovation in both theses areas. Since 2006, the Ina website gives general public access to over 100,000 television programs which are available for consultation. The Festival d’Automne à Paris wishes to thank the Ina team and the video work it undertakes. This collaboration has enabled the Festival to enhance its archive resource bank.

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Despite our efforts, the authors of certain photographs have not been identified or contacted. In the event that that an author should recognize one of his or her photographs, please contact the Festival d’Automne à Paris, 156 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris /

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Visual  design for the 50th edition : Leonor Antunes, Discrepancies with M.Y., Céramique 140 x 95 x 8,5 cm © Bruno Lopes

Presentation texts for the 50th edition :
Gilles Amalvi, Maïa Bouteillet, Olivia Burton, Isabelle Calabre, Laura Cappelle, Denis Chouillet, Amélie Coster, Mélanie Drouère, Ensemble intercontemporain, Laurent Feneyrou, Florian Gaité, Mélanie Jouen, Yaël Kreplak, Élisabeth Lebovici, Claire Le Restif, Agathe Le Taillandier, Hugues Le Tanneur
Frédéric Maurin, Opéra national de Paris, Jean-François Perrier, Stéphane Roth, David Sanson, Caroline Simonin, Marie Sorbier, Vincent Théval, Michèle Tosi, Barbara Turquier, Pascaline Vallée,
Christilla Vasserot, Éric Vautrin

Translation in English
Jonathan Waite and Shan Benson (for music)

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