Young audiences

Young audiences
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El Conde de Torrefiel will be at the Maison des métallos for a month to present MANIFIESTO SONORO. The piece’s common thread is sound, ranging from voices, soundwaves, frequencies, energy, acoustics and phonetics… Sound, in all of its inherent immateriality, will be taking over the different spaces as part of a vibrating and expanding whole.


Taking on different forms or non-forms, including the climax’s piece Guerrilla, the performers and text of this "sound manifesto", vary according to where the performance takes place. But sound, like text or moving bodies, is also an opportunity to experiment with the conventions that govern theatrical representation. Accordingly, in Se respira en el jardín como en un bosque – "in the garden you breath like you do in a forest" – the same person takes on the role of performer and spectator. As part of this sound-based occupation, the Maison des métallos building becomes Un lugar sin límites – "a place without limits" – a space whose boundaries are brought into question by a project entitled Cuerpos celestes. The latter also takes place outside its walls, and an audio guide is used to move audiences from one place to another. Rather than mere spectators, these experiences bring together "bodies connected on the same frequency".