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Founding Director  : Michel Guy (1972-1990)
Director 1992-2009 : Alain Crombecque
President : Sylvie Hubac

General Director : Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota
Artistic Directors : Marie Collin (theatre, dance, visual arts), Joséphine Markovits (music)

Administrative and Financial Director : Virginie Puff,
Production Manager : Pierre Gendronneau,
Accounting, Assistant Administrator :  Laurence Jacquet,
Assistant Production manager : Sophie Bricaire,

Secretary - General : Christelle Masure,

Protocol, Deputy General Manager  : Gérard di Giacomo,
Publishing : Clara Guedj,
Patronage : Margherita Mantero,
Assistant Administration and Patronage : Mathilde Grenier-Pognant,
Press Officer : Christine Delterme, et  Lucie Beraha,
Public Relations Officer : Pascale Tabart,
Audience Development : Sébastien Plaza,
Reception and Internet site : Isabelle Minssen,
Ticket sales : Philippe Lingat, et Frédéric Peroli,
Music Technical Coordinator: François Couderd,
Assistant communication : Margot Charon,

Trainees : Clotilde Parlos (communication), Alice Le Diouron (Accountant), Raphaëlle Le Vaillant (Press), Clémence Faravel (Public Relations)

Advertising sales
: Nathalie Morel d’Arleux (06 80 23 61 95)
Internet site : DARTEA
Graphic design : Éric de Berranger et Denis Bretin