Aurélie Charon, Amélie Bonnin Radio live – La relève


Following on from Radio live, Aurélie Charon and Amélie Bonnin join forces with cinematographer Mila Turajlić in order to initiate a new cycle in this unprecedented collective and international project, a long-term dialogue between committed young people from all over the world.

Since 2013, Radio live has been furthering the encounters and friendships woven by Aurélie Charon and Caroline Gilet over the course of their various radio documentary series for France Culture and France Inter. The result is a show in the form of a dialogue, drawing upon sounds and images, between youngsters from here and elsewhere, all of whom who are full of questions about identity and political engagement. Radio live - La relève picks up on this dialogue that was started between Ines, Yannick or Amir, none of whom are content with the state of the world as it is today. The team set off to film in their home countries, Sarajevo, Kigali ou New Delhi and returns to the stage with a host of faces and landscapes which tell their own story and raise many questions. This is a new generation taking centre-stage: each 'historical' participant becomes the patron of a fifteen year-old youngster from their country. Using a mixture of filmed images and spontaneous speech, and accompanied by the musicians Rosemary Standley and Dom La Nena, Radio live - La relève is written live and takes the form of two different stage formats: individual portraits and three-way, interwoven vocal accounts.


Details of the performances :

Sept. 5 | Théâtre de la Ville - Espace Pierre Cardin
Portrait Yannick Kamanzi (Rwanda) / live music Emma Prat

Sept. 18 & 19 | Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse
Portrait Yannick Kamanzi (Rwanda) / live music Emma Prat

Nov. 20 | Malakoff scène Nationale Théâtre 71
Portrait Hala Rajab (Syrie) / live music Emma Prat

Nov. 25 | Ferme des Jeux / Vaux-le-Pénil
Portrait Hala Rajab (Syrie) / live music Emma Prat

Dec. 21 | MC93– maison de la culture de Seine-Saint-Denis
Narratives from Hala Rajab (Syrie) and Martin France (France) / live music Rosemary Standley & Dom la Nena

Jan. 11| Espace 1789 / Saint-Ouen, Scène conventionnée danse
Narratives from Yannick Kamanzi (Rwanda) et Hala Rajab (Syrie) / live music Dom la Nena

Jan. 26 | Centre Pompidou
Narratives with Ines Tanovic (Bosnie) et Yannick Kamanzi (Rwanda) / live music Rosemary Standley & Dom la Nena


[Some passages in the story refer to violent historical episodes and may offend the sensibilities of the young or sensitive.]